Vidéo: « La meilleure candidature pour « Manko taxawu Senegaal », c’est Idrissa Seck » – Regardez.

Opposition leader Idrissa Seck, on February 4, 2012, during their declaration. The eight Sengalese opposition candidates running in the February 26 presidential elections said they were committed "to staying united" and to lead a joint action to see outgoing president Abdoulaye Wade withdraw his candidacy. "We are committed to being united and to lead joint activities to mobilize and fight until the candidacy (of Wade) is withdrawn," they wrote in a declaration handed to the media. The declaration was signed by the four main opposition candidates: Ousmane Tanor Dieng, Moustapha Niasse, Macky Sall and Idrissa Seck, as well as Cheikh Tidiane Gadio, Ibrahima Fall. AFP PHOTO / SEYLLOU


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